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I'm SO pumped you're here and I'm proud of you for taking this next step in your health and fitness journey. It truly will go so far beyond just reaching some physical goals.



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First thing's first, please watch the intro video below to prepare for your call!

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After meeting and working with hundreds of clients, we’ve identified a few common questions people have before joining EA. We can dive into these on your call, but here’s a quick way to get a headstart on some of those questions!

"Am I ready to invest?"

"I think I can do this on my own."

"Will I be able to follow-through?"

"Will this fit my budget?"

"Will this work for me?"

Prep videos

Get To Know Us Before Your Call!

Excelerate Your Life Podcast

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Want to learn more about health, fitness, and Coach Mal's general takes on hot topics?

Listen to her podcast, Excelerate Your Life, linked below!

Guest starring assistant coaches so you can get to know US! 

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Ready to be next?

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Hi, I'm Michelle!

Hey I'm Michelle! I live on Long Island, and also spent some time living in Nashville to try something new and different, but came back to LI to be by family and the beach. I have a husky mix named Jimmy and we both love all things ocean and outdoors. I was an athlete through high school and have since been a part of several types of gyms and tried different training styles, but weight training has been my favorite by far! I'm passionate about volunteering and helping others.

Fun Facts: I love sharks!

Favorite Thing To Do Outside of Fitness: Anything water related or outdoors

Favorite Food: pizza! in crust we trust 

Favorite Adult Drink: vodka water

I love working for EA because EA empowers individuals to excel in all parts of their lives. Once fitness and nutrition is on track, the mental and emotional aspects of your life majorly take off in a positive direction. This program and community enable a sustainable, lifelong approach while still enjoying the things you love! Why work so hard for your dream body if you can't enjoy it?!

Hey, I'm Nathalie!

I live in Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised in Europe, speak three languages, and in an ideal world, would live in a new country every year. I value connection, culture and community, and my mission in life is connecting with women globally and empowering them to live their best, most authentic life.

Fun facts: I'm 5ft on the dot, but what I lack in height I make up for in energy!
Favorite things to do outside of fitness: travel, anything creative
Favorite food: tacos
Favorite drink: Most days, I have more coffee in my body than water

I love working with EA and seeing women achieve their health and fitness goals, maximizing their potential, and having the outside reflect who they are on the inside! <3

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