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Join our FREE 5 day challenge!

March 18th-22nd

What Is It?

This 5 day challenge is designed to give you the starting foundations of the path to SUSTAINABLE health and fitness changes. We are tired of seeing so many trainers and coaches put people on restrictive diets or telling them they need to do insane amounts of exercise to lose weight. In reality, this is never the long-term solution and is why so many people gain all the weight back or fall back to where they were prior. At EA, we believe in a sustainable approach where you can build your dream body, dessert included! 🍦

And this challenge is going to kickstart that journey for you - Lets Go!

What You'll Get...

  • Daily workout plan 

  • Educational modules to teach imperative nutrition and fitness concepts 

  • Daily accountability challenges

  • Access to all EA coaches for the 5 days

(including our team's registered dietician)

  • Community group chat for support and accountability

  • A daily prompt to help you be intentional and thoughtful

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What You'll WIN...

$500 off

any of our full coaching packages!!
All you have to do is complete each daily accountability challenge all 5 days to claim your prize

(Unlimited winners possible)

*current clients may participate but are not eligible to win prize*




On completion of sign up, you will be redirected to another page with your instructions for how to get set up for the challenge AND how to complete the challenge. PLEASE make sure to read over this immediately after sign up! (takes 60 seconds)

Challenge Overview

Day 1: Hunger Cue Regulation
Learn how hunger cues become down regulated, why it’s crucial for your metabolism to fix this, and how to fix this
Workout: Pull Day

Day 2: Habit Building 
Master habit stacking and habit building from a psychological perspective
Workout: Leg Day

Day 3: Strength Training 101 
Grasp proper strength training concepts, learn how to progressively overload, and how to train to improve your body composition and overall health
Workout: Push Day

Day 4: Recovery 101
Learn the science behind rest days and recovery and gain the confidence to take time off without feeling guilty 
Workout: Rest Day

Day 5: Nutrition 101
Gain an understanding of nutrition foundations and how to fuel yourself properly without feeling deprived or restricted
Workout: Full Body Day 

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