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Ready to learn the foundations of how to get lean and STAY lean?

We love #sustainable health over here… LET’S FREAKING GO!


Please read the next important steps!


How to prepare...

Please do these steps NOW! Takes 5 mins max!

1. Join the WhatsApp Group! 

2. Introduce yourself once you join. Share your name, where you’re from, and one thing you hope to learn during this challenge!
3. Download the Workout Guide in order to follow along for your daily workouts for the challenge.

4. Get pumped and ready to start on Monday, March 18th!

Please make sure to consistently check the WhatsApp group between now and then for any important updates before starting!

Coach Megan_edited.png

How The Challenge Works...

  • Everything you need to know and have will be in the WhatsApp Group Chat

  • Each day will have a different theme, morning prompt, educational video, workout, and accountability challenge. 

  • In order to win the prize, you must turn in your accountability challenge by the end of every day! 



$500 off

any coaching package if you complete the daily accountability challenge for all 5 days!

(Everyone is eligible - unlimited people can win the prize!) 

* Current clients welcome to participate but are not eligible for prize *



The most important thing is to make sure you join the WhatsApp group!

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